Mobile Security Services

Securitas Mobile Security Solutions are a cost-effective means to provide a highly visible deterrent to prevent criminal activity; observe and respond to possible emergency situations and project an active security environment.

Mobile Patrolling

Mobile Security Officers serve multiple customers in the same geographical area and responds to call-out requests during emergencies, security or safety-related problems, opens and closes select business premises, and conducts regular patrols. 

Mobile Patrols visit our customers' premises at random times throughout the day and night.  While on site using coded checkpoints placed at agreed upon inspection points, our officers perform regular external and/or internal patrols of the premises; checking in at each point and observing the required items (such as fire equipment, doors which are to remain closed and locked, electrical units off, etc).  A full record of their inspection to include results, locations, times, and dates are recorded.  

Other Mobile Services include:

  • Alarm and Emergency Response
  • Key-holding service
  • Lock & unlock services
  • Lone worker protection/ escort services
  • Security to Special Events