Security Officers

Securitas Cambodia does not provide manpower dressed up in a uniform. We do provide fully vetted and trained professional Security Officers.

Our customers not only pay us to protect their property and their staff, but also to represent their business and their brand.  A well trained, courteous, uniformed Security Officer is not only a crime deterrent and a first responder, but also a public relations asset. Our Security Officers are the first and last persons you and your staff see on a daily basis; in fact our Security Officers are normally seen by our customers’ staff and guests more often than they see their own management.

The majority of Securitas Security Officers are former Military, Emergency Responders, and/or security officers who have extensive secuirty experience.

 Security Officers may also perform safety services such as fire prevention and fire-fighting and medical aid.

Securitas requirements for selection of security officers are:

  • Minimum 19 years old; maximum 55
  • Good Health
  • No drug users. Securitas will regularly test its security officers to ensure they are not using illegal drugs.
  • No arrest history   Securitas will conduct Police checks on all of our staff.  Results of these police checks are provided to our customer’s representative on request.

Please contact us if you are interested in our Guarding Services or Security Solutions


Our Security Officers are knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. We invest in our staff, providing them with intensive training, giving them career opportunities to progress, and recognizing them when they do well.